Can I come?

You can’t buy your way into Junket; you need to earn it with your ideas. Nominate yourself, or somebody else to attend here.

Where is it?

Junket will be taking over the entire QT Hotel in our nation’s capital, Canberra.

Why Canberra?

Junket is all about stepping out of your daily routine, immersing yourself in a new place, meeting a new group of people — and letting us pick up the tab. We may not be able to pry you away from your phones or laptops, but we can pry you away from your usual surroundings. And where better to map out a vision for Australia’s future than the city in which our biggest political decisions are made? Even outside the walls of Parliament House, Canberra is a thought leader — after all, this is the city that boasts Australia’s top ranking university, the place where marriage equality was legalised (for a hot minute at least), and the home of the country’s best-educated population, leading arts and literary communities, cultural institutions like the National Gallery of Australia and, occasionally, Scott Ludlam’s hair. Poke around and you’ll find hole-in-the-wall galleries run for the love it, environmental initiatives that would make Scandinavia blush, A-grade food and drink, community-run touches like warehouses converted into independent retail spaces, and — yes — Questacon. There’s more to Canberra than its cliches — and we want to show you why.

When is it?

Junket runs from Sunday October 29 to Tuesday October 31, 2017.

Do I need to attend the whole thing, or can I just drop in for a day or a night?

We want Junket delegates to get the most out of the event, by going all in with their full attention for a few days. We promise to make every minute count and send you back home inspired, full of ideas, better connected and ready to take on the world.

Tell me more about this whole “unconference” thing.

An unconference is a gathering of great people which, unlike a traditional conference, has no set agenda or program decided in advance. In the lead up to Junket, delegates will be given the opportunity to pitch an idea, topic or issue to the rest of the delegation via an online wiki (if they so choose). Sessions are centered around conversation, with all attendees expected to participate.

What will happen at Junket?

The Junket program will be action packed, with delegates choosing between up to 10 streams happening simultaneously, making up a total of over 60 sessions throughout the day. Sessions will run for an hour and involve anywhere from 3 to 30 people, with everyone encouraged to contribute to the conversation. There will be a bunch of other activities and surprises thrown in too. Also, there will of course be eating, drinking and maybe even some sightseeing. This is a Junket after all…

What are the rules?

Junket is the opposite of any conference you’ve ever been to. According to Joshaua Kauffman, one of the forefathers of the unconference movement, there are only two rules: 1. Nobody is giving a presentation — unconferences are all about the conversations; 2. If a session doesn’t inspire attendees and they are not contributing, they should get up and find a different one (it’s call the Law of Two Feet).

What if I’m not ready to pitch a session?

Everyone who attends Junket is expected to contribute in some way. If you don’t want to pitch a session, there’ll be opportunities for delegates to contribute to art projects, performances, problem solving challenges, or other parts of the program. If none of that tickles your fancy, tell us how you’d like to contribute.

Who else will be there?

We’re inviting some of Australia’s most fascinating young thinkers, doers and innovators, who are brimming with ideas on how we can build a better Australia. Every person we’ve selected to participate is a leader, expert or innovator in their field. The Junket programming committee — a diverse group working in a variety of spheres, who come from all over Australia — have chosen people from across the country, from a range of cultures, identities and areas of expertise, including entertainment, tech, music, medicine, the arts, media, sport, politics, business, fashion, human rights and almost everything in-between. As delegates are confirmed, they will upload their profiles to the Junket site, so you will be able to snoop on who else is going, and connect with each other in advance.

How can I follow Junket from home?

Make sure to follow Junkee on Twitter and Facebook, and keep an eye on the #junket hashtag between now and the event. Junkee.com will also be covering the event via every medium imaginable — so be sure to sign-up for the Junkee daily newsletter to be across it all.

How much are tickets?

Junket is free to attend. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, everything is covered once you get there.

How do I get there?

If you’re travelling from Sydney, or just really like driving, why not carpool with other delegates? You can connect with other delegates via our networking app once you RSVP.

Will there be airport transfers?

As everyone will be arriving at different times, unfortunately we can’t pick you up from the airport. But a taxi from Canberra airport to QT Canberra is about $25, or a 15 minute drive.

Where do I stay?

The kind folk at QT Canberra have given us full reign of the hotel for the duration of Junket. As a guest of Junket, you will also be provided two nights accommodation in your own room. Formerly the iconic Lakeside hotel, QT Canberra has been the scene of many a handshake deal and long lunch; it boasts 205 suites kitted out with designer décor and all the business savvy mod cons you’d expect of a fancy hotel.

Do I need to pay for accommodation?

Nope! This is a Junket. Accommodation is part of the package!

Can I stay extra nights in the hotel?

An extra night will depend on hotel availability, and will be at your own expense. Please contact QT Canberra directly to book any additional nights.

Can I bring my friend/partner/Mum/dog?

Junket is invite only, but if your friend, partner, mum or dog has an idea and would like to apply, then please contact us at junket@junkee.com. Especially the dog. That would be a fun email for us.

Is there wheelchair access?

Yes QT Hotel is fully wheelchair accessible.